Macerata. Territorial Coordination Plan of the Province of Macerata


The total has more details: a project for the province. One of the priority objectives of the PTC is the activation and consolidation of practices of co-planning, designed as a way of construction of shared choices and transcalar, able to engage and foster dialogue between the Region, provinces, municipalities, park authorities and the different policy areas, even inside the same entity.

The choice of the province of Macerata has been to use the preparation of the PTC as an opportunity to start collecting data knowledge base, their geo-referencing and a first organization of thematic data through the construction of a GIS (Geographical Information System). The work of gathering and organizing data is not limited to the time horizon and the design of the plan but was conceived as a tool to facilitate a cross-disciplinary and cross-sectoral dialogue, implemented over time.

Through the project of the three networks (environmental, settlement and infrastructure) the PTC directs the contemporary transformations, providing a "possible" response to new spatial and functional requirements related to production activities, commercial activities, the new life practices, to emergencies environmental.

The cards of the three networks and their integration into the project intersectorial represent possible development scenarios of the territory. They foreshadow: physical-spatial outcomes of the proposed re-organization infrastructure of the province (red network); Proposals for the protection and promotion of the specific and local differences, settlement and especially cultural (green network); Proposals for the protection of environmental and landscape diversity and the reduction of risks of fragmentation and insularisation (blue network).

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