Lazio. PAYS.DOC – Virtual Observatory of the Mediterranean Landscape Lazio Region


An observatory for landscapes. Recognition of the most representative landscapes of the Mediterranean area, the monitoring of taking place changes, the analysis of trends, represent key information for the identification of tutelage actions, restoration and enhancement.

The adoption of a set of criteria and methods of common description, the observation of landscapes from the same points of view (as in the descriptive texts as in the pictures), allows to appreciate and highlight even more the differences and specificities of the Mediterranean regions, without abandoning the ordinary landscapes, the value of which is essentially to be background and support of the daily life of the inhabitants.

The community project promotes dialogue, comparison and transnational cooperation. It constitutes an opportunity for the promotion of regional landscapes in the European context and also provides a database, both informative and photographic, essential for the planning and management of the territory and the landscape.

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