Isera. Variante al PRG del Comune di Isera


In the draft version of the Master Plan of Isera, the addresses for the protection, restoration and enhancement of the municipal area holds the landscape as a strategic and operational reference, intended as a set of vital relationships between spaces, subjects and activities, inherited traditions and future expectations, in agreement with the Provincial Urban Plan and the most recent national Community guidelines.

The set of historical and consolidated report assets between physical-morphological characters climate, land use, and agricultural production activities, viticulture, was not meant only a heritage to defend and promote it as a vital resource, capable to promote and encourage new forms of sustainable development of the municipality, increasing quality, competitiveness and visibility at provincial and national levels.

In this perspective the relationship between quality products (in particular wine) and contexts of production gained a central role. This is by virtue of cultural significance, economic and social production as Marzemino Isera and Vallagarina always had and in relation to the possibilities of economic and territorial development which now seem more than ever linked to the readability of the vital relationships between landscapes, individuals and local economies and in particular the strengthening of the link between the territory and viticulture, with a focal lens on a broader use of the area under vines by multiple parties interested in wine culture in its broadest and contemporary meaning.

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