Post-Seismic Resconstruction. Post seismic reconstruction plans for the Snow Homogeneous Areas’ Municipalities (Ovindoli, Rocca di Mezzo, Rocca di Cambio, Lucoli)


The Abruzzese experience of the Faculty of Architecture - University of Rome, like other universities involved in the post-earthquake reconstruction of the historic centers of small towns of L'Aquila Province, it is characterized by significant peculiarities connected to the destructive characters of the event, to the legislative measures and to the chosen model for reconstruction.

These elements may well represent not only the difference in this reconstruction compared to other past experiences, but also the profound difference between the story of the 56 small towns of the Crater and the city of L’Aquila. In the work of the Sapienza reconstruction is understood as an interaction device between different subjects, able to ensure the redevelopment and revitalization of historic centers, affected by depopulation and neglect stimulating endogenous dynamics of socio-economic recovery and promoting the integration of environmental protection and development policies, in particular addressed to tourism.

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