Civil protection. Provincial program of prediction and prevention of Civil Protection of the Province of Macerata


Moving from the territory. The primary objective of the study is to interconnect the Civil Protection’s Prediction and Prevention program with other instruments of land government (PTC, Master Plans, etc.) assuming that prediction and prevention are inseparable from the set of specificities and differences, environmental limits and possibilities, socio-cultural and settlement-infrastructural synthetically identifiable as "territorial characters".

R=P*V The risk as a complex product. Risk scenarios are often reduced to hazard scenarios, significantly reducing their complexity, frequently resulting in superficial and generic preventive measures aimed at risk-mitigation conditions. In the program, preventive risk (R) was then assumed as a complex product of hazardness (P) and vulnerability (V), according to the conventions used in all European countries.

Prevention = planning and constructive wisdom. The provincial program gives the main prevention measures to municipalities, favoring their organic translation in PRG through constraint and incentive measures. It also supports the activity of municipal location, organization and maintenance of shelter areas by providing examples and design suggestions helpful to better organize these spaces and activities most suitable for their optimization over time.

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