Windscapes. Guidelines for the definition of the relationship between wind farms and the landscape in the province of Macerata


Focus on projects quality

The guidelines tend to shift the focus from whether or not realize wind farms (sterile opposition between the "pro and against" the construction of the plants) to how to do them, focusing on the quality of the projects and the real possibility of integrating energy "reasons", spatial, landscape, environmental, technical and economic management.

To this end, the guidelines are investigating how the insertion of new wind farms than the specific characteristics of the maceratese landscape imagining new possible relationships between them and the new infrastructure for the production of energy (new landscapes of the wind).

From Wind Farms to the park

The Guidelines identify the appropriate landscape areas for the installation and provide specific design criteria for the reduction and compensation of visual impacts, impacts on soil and water, impacts on vegetation, wildlife, habitats and ecological connections with reference to a selection of good national and international practices.

The guidelines also provide criteria for the improvement of the quality of the landscape from the dialogue between characters of the territory and technical variables related to the operation of the plants, reaching the foreshadowing of new possible wind landscapes.

One option is to build the plant as real thmed parks, creating new opportunities for enjoyment and enhancement of territories often marginal or degraded.

Close simulations concern therefore organized spaces for environmental education, sports practice, teaching, scientific study of the wind, etc.

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