Geothermal Power Plant Bagnore 3. Environmental and Landscape arrangement


Environmental and Landscape arrangement of Power Plant Bagnore 3, represented a real opportunity for the experimentation of visual impacts mitigation related to the inclusion of large renewable sources power plants in contexts with high landscape relevance.

The ideation of the project, developed when the construction of the buildings and the technological infrastructure was already in progress, established new meanings, to be replaced with the more traditional "framing" and "environmental and architectural renovation":

  • Meanings of environmental regeneration, targeting the arid soil around the plant, effect of permanent drainage systems and a long and stressful construction yard, but also aimed at the whole abandoned hillside, with landslides and soil depleted by grazing and excessive runoff. The morphological configuration project has designed a re-modulation of secondary yards areas through the implementation of slightly staggered plans that follow the slope of the hill. Many “end product” spaces, the typical outcome of a "standardized" design, were deleted. The entrance and the access road to the Power Plant have been redesigned from scratch. All while avoiding unsustainable earthworks, imposing a careful reconsideration of the complex construction constraints of the plant (especially in terms of security).
  • Meanings of reinterpretation of landscape textures of the plant surroundings, still visible in the typical mesh of pasture territories, formed by watercourses and transversal arboreal shrub-cross partitions (with a predominance of thorny species), along the broken slope. The hygrophilous vegetation in the project now appears lush, the streams with stone walls that protect the banks are stable, and the animal populations resettled along the transverse recently planted bushes.
  • Meanings related to the rights of the project of the contemporary landscape, in this case the sustainable landscape of geothermal energy, should no longer be hidden or disguised but displayed with pride. That is why we suggest some pictures of the power plant where the steam carrying big pipes coexist with old cherry trees and with new herbaceous formations, as well as deep drainages that provide stability to the side show their new geometric patterns, encouraging the perception of the scenery truly natural, but completely built.

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