Protected Coastal Landscapes. Management Plan for the National State Reserve of the Tiber and the Roman Coast Roma and Fiumicino Municipalities


The management plan of the natural state reserve of the Roman coast, established by Ministry Decree, 29th March 1996, identifies and defines protective measures and active tutelage of the values and the specifics of the area, taking into account the socio-economic situation, mainly linked to the agricultural use of the Reserve.

The Plan has the following specific objectives of protection:

  • The preservation of the varied and diverse system of biotopes, such as coastal dunes, woods and stained-leaved evergreen lowland forests, wetlands and river environments, notable for their richness and adaptive peculiarities of housed flora and fauna which create the habitat for several animal species included in the Directives 92/43/CEE and 79/409/CEE.
  • The preservation of the Maccarese agricultural landscape with a vast area with agroforestry characters, in addition to highlight a framework of great historical importance, are especially meaningful to ensure the ecological connection between the naturalistically valuable areas. The preservation of this structure is therefore a structural condition indispensable for the preservation of the same natural heritage.
  • The preservation of the exceptional archaeological heritage, which has its major emergencies in the Port of Trajan, in the Port of Claudius and in the Severiana road.
  • Conservation of important natural and ecological value of the residual strips of lowland ecosystems of the delta of the Tiber and the Roman coast. Together with adjacent agricultural land, are one vast ecological system, to safeguard the integrity and interconnections also in consideration of the ecological vulnerability of these territories and the depletion of natural heritage. The causes are many and in particular: the lack of a unified management of the area for conservation purposes. The danger due to the expansion of urbanization.
  • Preservation of landscape quality that this territory as an organic whole, owns.

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