Protected landscapes. Projects for the definition of environmental and landscape assets of the nine Protected Reserves of RomaNatura


The Law of the Region of Lazio n. 29/97, establishing nine nature reserves within the capital, RomaNatura entrusts the task of drawing as many as 9 "plans of the Park", namely those of the Natural Reserve of Marcigliana, the Aniene Valley, the Decima-Malafede , Laurentino Acqua Sorrel, the Valle dei Casali, the Tenuta dei Massimi, the Estate dell'Acquafredda, Monte Mario and dell'Insugherata.

The plan defines the zoning of the park, dividing it for four different levels of protection (integral reserve, General reserve, protection zone, Zone promotion socio-economic), identifies specific projects through the steps needed upgrading of the park, to landscape restoration, to the improvement of the use, at birth or the increase of business activities compatible, including those that provide services to visitors.

The presence of an urban context characterized the research project, having to pursue, in addition to the general objectives of a protected area by the natural characteristics essentially unperturbed (discover and enhance the environmental quality and the natural emergencies), a set of specific objectives , specific to a particularly perturbed because they entered the territory of a big city. The study of protected areas, considered in network components and territorial settlement of a metropolitan agglomeration, helps to rediscover and understand the physical-geographical area of ​​the entire Roman and assessing the overall balance in relation to human pressure. Reflection on protected areas takes us back to the rational principle that each company that can be defined efficiently must shape its settlement forms and organizational according vocations and potential physical-geographic territory.

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