Stra(de)paesaggi. Guidelines for an integrated design of Emilia-Romagna Roads


The relationship between the road network and the territory is a crucial issue of sectorial policies of the Emilia-Romagna and the improvement of road design quality represents an essential aspect. The guidelines for the integrated design of roads - coherent with the objectives of the Regional Plan for Integrated Transport and the Regional Landscape Territorial Plan, as is in synchrony with the European Landscape Convention - develop a methodological approach that considers the road as a part of the crossed territory and the project as a complex process that requires the integration of various technical knowledge.

The Guidelines are specifically intended to facilitate the dialogue between two traditionally distinct areas: road planning and landscape protection in order to transform the road from technical and independent activity to a initiator element of the landscape, which becomes a structural variable, capable to suggest to the project limits and potential, from the study phase to the detail one.

While containing detailed design recommendations, the Guidelines are not intended to provide default technical solutions to be applied uncritically, but they indicate a working path that involves collaboration between different skills and the involvement of local communities, to come to a collaborative project that integrates functions, communities and territories.

The experienced level of cooperation and the open nature of the Guidelines proposed method, enables the road to gain an added value and to perform in the most appropriate way the proficiency of the strategic role.

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