Strada dei due parchi. Environmental connection infrastructure between the National Park of Gran Sasso- Laga Mountains and the Majella National Park.


The project “Strada dei due Parchi” is set up as a test and a development scenario of Pescara’s PTC (Provincial Coordination Territorial Plan). Its main objectives are: to revitalize and restore landscape and historical legibility of all punctual resources (scattered BBCC, historical centers, etc.), to interconnect old and new centralities, to recompose new fruition demands and historical journey systems, to promote a consistent use of environmental emergencies and therefore meet new demands of eco-tourism.

The work is divided into three sections. The first section is for the identification and selection of critical project images that constitute a useful reference for the construction of the road project, in particular: the Project APE (Apennine Park of Europe), intended as a territorial and environmental project of interconnection of local contexts along the Apennine arches, and the image of the environmental infrastructure intended as a set of integrated interventions to ensure use and compatible fruition of natural and historical resources, the re-signification of local identities as well as the propagation of plant species and the displacement and the expansion of animal species.

The second section is aimed at constructing a Guide Vision, intended as a policy framework aimed at defining the main themes of the project, the track structure (linear development, grafts, headers), the space associated with the line (picnic areas, areas of compensation, Natural built spaces) and nodes (relationships with towns, with cultural scattered heritage, with the local and environmental centralities and ways of interconnection with other tracks). The scheme also identifies the involved stakeholders and the ones to be involved, ongoing initiatives and projects that can be integrated with the road design and the interconnections with existing routes and networks of historical and environmental which require a more careful and specific development.

The third section identifies in more detail the interventions along the line and those related to a meaningful context of opportunities for recovery, renovation and enhancement, connected and to be connected to the construction of the infrastructure network.

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