Junction and Biodiversity. Landscaping and ecological-environmental reconnection of the new access road to the town of Trevi


The renovation of the green big road junction, which marks the entrance to Trevi from the new Flaminia Highway, suggests new forms of environmental continuity for the preservation and the enhancement of the lowlands biodiversity (natural, agricultural and cultural) known as the Valle Umbra. To not forget the role of the Via Flaminia in the historical and contemporary evolution of the urban centers of the valley it is to contribute to the awareness of the evolving nature of the landscape, and rereading traces and permanences still equipped with sense (especially from an ecological point of view) in a contemporary project. The Guide Vision defines the possible role of these transitional spaces, joining the plains with the hills, as precious areas of connection in terms of morphology, environment and urban areas (they are all interpreted as usable spaces by the population of Borgo Trevi).

Design ideas are summarized as follows: reinterpretation of the tree rows of the plains and the hills with a reconnection function of disconnected landscapes according to still legible historical orientations; enhancement of visual cones towards the historical center of Trevi; soil remodeling with micro-terraces in order to avoid road stagnation and flooding phenomena, and counteract the "residual" perception of the open space.

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