Roccafiore Park. Vines plantation and winery gardening project


The renewal of the traditional agricultural landscape as a result of new and vital economic activities has had its fulcrum in recent years, especially in wine and oil quality production. Even in Umbria, in the territory of Todi, there have been many farms renovations with a consequent renewal of the consolidated agricultural landscape.

The projects for the company Roccafiore are an example of this economic and landscape evolution.

The new vineyards have been imagined as real landscape devices, able to consolidate unstable soils through traditional implant systems - revisited with the most recent experiments in the field of viticulture - aimed at improving the quality of the grapes (micro-terracing): devices capable of reinterpreting hilly morphologies, highlighting the significance of elevation and slope exposure. The vineyards are significant parts of a real “Roccafiore park", innervated by paths and service streets (which also houses a small resort, a restaurant and other facilities). Even the basement is a substantial equipment for the park, both from a functional and from a spatial point of view (a structure not only aimed at production but also at cultural, educational activities, especially for celebrations and tasting).

The building acts as a device designed to point out some aspects of Todi’s landscape through openings at different heights (from the inside), and open spaces arrangements with an "archaeological and contemporary” nature – Married Vines to Country Maples, Roses, Garden-orchards, habitable groves, pergolas paths systems, highlighting of large isolated oaks and a photovoltaic system metabolized by the context that guarantees a significant quota of "sustainability" (environmental and economic) for the operation of the company.

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