Rome Botanical Garden. Renovation and Enhancement Project


To mark the centenary of the founding of the Botanical Garden of the University of Rome La Sapienza, as well as exhibitions and conferences, it was launched a reflection on the possible meanings of a contemporary Botanical Garden by strong significant historical monuments such as the Villa Corsini alla Lungara.

The renovation project of a marginal and underutilized area (called “Orticello”) was the focus of the intervention: on the one hand it was thought appropriate to restore the historical collections of the Garden (avoiding easy and destructive "updates"), from the other was quite clear the need to start revitalization works on time, a sort of acupuncture aimed to revive abandoned parts and foster new educational and cultural activities.

The Orticello project constituted an example of this policy intervention aimed at revitalize: an “Orto dei Semplici” was planned, on the model of the medieval gardens, filled with 100 plant species used today in the preparation of medical remedies. The interior space of an existing industrial greenhouse was reorganized so as to make it suitable to host collections of exotic plants, with the creation of pools and walkways that allow the visitor to observe leaves and flowers up close. A porch to host activities and temporary exhibition was planned too. A system of paths connecting the different areas was created, giving back functionality and especially integration with the rest of the Botanical Garden, which was completely disconnected.

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