Cascata delle Marmore. Public Park and Lower Belvedere Project


The project of the Lower belvedere of Marmore Waterfalls comes from a consolidation intervention of the limestone cliff descending from the waterfall (presence of fractures and instability phenomena).

The beginning of the consolidation was an opportunity to rethink the overall accesses, paths and lookout points systems, from below or from above, but only the part that refers to the so-called "Lower Belvedere" was completed.

The project moves from the revival of the system of "substructures" stations that supported the route of the railway line of Valnerina (now closed), still present and clearly perceptible, although in a state of profound degradation due to long neglect. The brick and local stone arches represented a margin of great interest - both in terms of function and perception between the system of cliffs along the road and the waterfall.

Re-using this system it was possible to obtain a two-level Belvedere, one at the street level (and the old railway line) and one lower (at the substructures quota). From the lower level the visitor has a very impressive vision of the waterfall, accessible through a system of stairways and pedestrian ramps, which have provided an opportunity to reshape and strengthen the embankments through plantations belonging to formations and riparian wetlands.

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