Casa Buitoni. Park renovation and restoration


The restoration project of the garden of Villa Buitoni in Sansepolcro, built in the ‘800 according to the dictates of the eclectic style that characterized the country residences of the bourgeoisie, is connected to the new phase of life of the property, acquired by Nestle, and the resulting profound change of destinations of use of the complex (from a private residence to a representative structure and gourmet laboratory).

A careful and thorough investigation of historical importance it was necessary to understand the different stages of plants and the Villa transformation, both in a state of deep decline at the time of the acquisition, the park and gardens in particular.

The project was articulated in a system of differentiated measures in relation to the historical characters of landscape of different parts and new functions: the maintenance of abandoned vegetation (groves, cypress-lined avenue) to the interventions for the reintegration of the historical and consolidated of the Villa (parterre, olive groves, orchards), the integration of the new landscape structures (road, car parks, workshops, garden of aromatic species). The reinterpretation of the vegetation stands, in particular the slopes and terraced gardens, were a central element of the intervention, both in restoration and in landscape reintegration. The traditional built elements have been restored or re-interpreted, especially the curbs in stone and cobblestones pavings, pergolas and the iron berceaux.

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