Bosco Brussa. Cultivated area greenery refurbishment project


The project of Bosco Brussa stems from the request of the municipality of Palazzolo dello Stella to "have back" the forest of his property that had been cut in the fifties by a company that had taken the area for rent for corn cultivation.

But the forest is something very different from a simple reforestation, intended in a conteporary sense. Moving from this statement an experimental project aimed at a real "Forest Project Design" was started. The lack of significant residual forests in the project context – the Marano Lagoon – prompted the research in similar contexts and in other European regions, in order to develop an experimental model system with defined percentages of trees and shrubs. Two models of plant were planned, with the intent to verify in time evolutionary dynamics and levels of resistance: one with a regular planting order (even if made complex by different species), one with an irregular order, as a result of modeling from woods with similar characters. Paths and clearings were also planned, that in addition to maintenance, would allow the public use of the “Recovered Forest”, facilitating the observation of vegetation changes and animal populations.

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